Ludovica Ghilardi

Research Fellow

Ludovica Ghilardi, MSc, is a Research Fellow for evaluation and political economy on the LINK programme. Ludovica joined the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine in 2014. After completing an MSc in Reproductive and Sexual Health Research, she worked as Research Assistant on the Maternal Healthcare Markets Evaluation Team (MET) at the School. She worked on availability of medicines in public health facilities in sub-Saharan Africa and on internal and regional migration and health. She used DHS data to investigate how migration stream (rural/urban) and duration of residence impacts maternal health seeking behaviours, healthcare access and health outcomes.

Ludovica’s background is in the development and humanitarian sector. She spent seven years working in non-governmental technical and managerial positions up to Country Representative level in developing and post-conflict countries: Albania, Cape Verde, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Haiti, Kosovo, Mali and Palestine. She developed substantial experience in planning, conducting, and monitoring and evaluation of programmes in public health; reproductive and sexual health; water, sanitation and hygiene; and protection.