28 Nov 2017

Nigeria dissemination meeting takes place

The Nigeria dissemination meeting took place successfully on 28 November 2018 in Abuja. It was well-attended by the National Malaria Elimination Programme (NMEP) and many of its partners including WHO-AFRO, AfricareUSAID, Catholic Relief Service, Nigeria Field Epidemiology and Laboratory Training Program, Clinton Health Access Initiative and Management Sciences for Health

Dr Perpetua Uhomoibhi (Director M&E) opened the meeting on behalf of the NMEP.  Dr Uwem Inyang (USAID) co-facilitated the meeting and Mr Geoffrey Namara (WHO-AFRO) supported the meeting facilitation with Dr Maikore (Surveillance Lead). 

The updated data maps were presented in the supplementary profile along with the malaria indicator poster and timeline.

Participants were very engaged and asked specific questions about particular maps in relation to country context or other data, e.g. the case management maps. Several questions were around the MIS observed values versus the predicted values of the SAE modelled maps by state.

The final part of the meeting involved small group work discussing tasks, decisions, and data sources for three areas of decision making, i.e. programmatic, strategic and funding-related.