05 Dec 2017

Sierra Leone dissemination meeting

Sierra Leone supplement

The Sierra Leone dissemination meeting was held on 5 December 2017.  The meeting was well-attended by approximately 50 people from a variety of organisations, including the National Malaria Control Programme (various sections), ILAP, LAPD, IAFAR, UNICEF, PMI/USAID and Save the Children.

LINK presented updated maps on malaria prevalence data in a supplement to the 2015 epidemiological profile, a timeline of all the major historical events in the fight against malaria and a malaria indicator poster demonstrating the inputs, outputs and impact of interventions in the country.       

There was discussion about the most recent malaria prevalence maps, net usage in different age groups,  gaps in data and how to address this.

The final part of the meeting involved small group work discussing tasks and data needs for planning in malaria decision making.  The NMCP and their partners focused on planning around community engagement, environmental sanitation, inter-sectoral coordination and actions involved in this providing an interesting and engaging debate.

All the updated data is available in the Sierra Leone profile section