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Research Into Use

SHARE aimed to contribute to realising universal and sustainable access to safe sanitation and hygiene. It provided relevant and rigorous research to improve policy and practice through sustained engagement of key stakeholders. All SHARE research and synthesis was conceived to influence others, whether this is by characterising problems so that others could address them, identifying solutions so others could incorporate them or demonstrating benefits so that others could ensure appropriate priority. SHARE’s research into use strategy was responsible for this engagement. It linked SHARE research and synthesis to better sector decisions.

Transforming research into influence and action is as much about ‘listening’ as it is about ‘speaking’; listening to identify what information is deemed most useful (demand assessment), and speaking in a way that is compelling and encourages uptake (demand generation). By engaging stakeholders early on to identify pertinent knowledge gaps, SHARE ensured the relevance of its research. By effectively communicating findings to key audiences in a useful and accessible way, SHARE made sure that this research was translated into better performance and accelerated progress.


SHARE contributes to achieving universal access to effective, sustainable and equitable sanitation and hygiene by generating evidence to improve policy and practice worldwide.