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SHARE contributes to achieving universal access to effective, sustainable and equitable sanitation and hygiene by generating evidence to improve policy and practice worldwide

Some of our key research locations


WaterAid/Jason Larkin

Malawi is one of the smaller countries in Sub-Saharan African and home to 16 million people. An estimated 35% of the Malawian population doesRead more


WaterAid/Anna Kari

Although Zambia made great strides in improving access to improved forms of sanitation, an estimated 14% of the population practices openRead more


Sustainable sanitation/Foter/CC BY

Kenya is among the top ten richest countries in Africa (IMF, 2015), but just under a third of its population has access to improved sanitationRead more


WaterAid/Behailu Shiferaw

Tanzania is one of the largest countries in sub-Saharan Africa and is home to more than 52 million people. Only 16% of Tanzanians have accessRead more

New resources

Opportunities for progress - experiences

This learning document explores what WaterAid have learnt from sanitation scenario planning in Babati, Tanzania - where their Cities of Tomorrow project was conducted.
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Designing a Food Hygiene Intervention in

This paper by Simiyu et al. (2020) was published in the American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. The paper discusses the Safe Start trial. Caregiver practices are important determinants of exposure to foodborne pathogens, and can therefore play a role in reduction in infant food...
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Some of our projects

Sanitation Issues in Namibia

Drainage in Tsandi. Credit: Diana Mitlin

The purpose of this research was to provide information about the influence of gender and age upon community decision-making withinRead more

Public Finance for Sanitation

WaterAid/Jon Spaull

In most developing countries, more than 50% of the population still lack adequate sanitation facilities. In this context, publicRead more

Weaning Food Hygiene - Nepal

Use of bib containg message 'Did you wash your hand before feeding me in the trial?' Credit: Dr Om Prasad Gautam

Building on findings from Mali , Bangladesh and other handwashing interventions , SHARE funded a PhD student, Om Prasad Gautam , toRead more

Disease Burden Inequities & Pro-Poor Targeting

University of Florida/Rick Rheingans

This study, carried out by LSHTM in partnership with the University of Florida , sought to estimate inequities in sanitation-relatedRead more

Latest Updates

Our SHARE Research Fellows had a busy year in 2019 attending conferences. Two key conferences were UNC Water and Health and the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (ASTMH) Annual Meeting . In this series of blogs, the Research...
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10 Feb 2020
Our partners in Malawi have been busy analysing the results of their Hygienic Family project and have some new publications out which we'll be posting on our website over the next few days. The team have produced these excellent videos...
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16 Sep 2019