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Om's Food Hygiene Intervention - January 2015 | Share research

Om's Food Hygiene Intervention - January 2015

30 Jan 2015

Happy New Year readers!

As promised in my last blog, I am delighted to be able to share with you a 19 minute video which documents all phases of the ‘Safe Food, Healthy Child’ campaign.

In sharing this documentary, I hope provide insights on how behaviour change programmes should be designed, implemented and evaluated. As such, the short film not only demonstrates how the behaviour change campaign was implemented but also highlights the innovative and creative approach taken throughout the design and implementation phase of the food hygiene intervention in rural Nepal.

Happy watching!


Please note: this video is educational and I’d kindly request that all viewers refrain from using this video for any other purposes e.g. commercial purposes. The intellectual property and copy rights are reserved with the PI of the study, Om Prasad Gautam.


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