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Great Lakes University of Kisumu

The Great Lakes University of Kisumu (GLUK) was established in 1998 to respond to the challenges of formal community based health care qualifications with practical hands-on analytical skills training based in and around local communities. GLUK contributes to the paradigm shift needed for the achievement of sustainable development at various levels particularly in Africa. In this respect, GLUK subscribes to the philosophy of self-propagated development, which is made sustainable through communities' own participation.

Through its Tropical Institute of Community Health and Development in Africa (TICH), research areas cover community health and development, health information systems, health systems management, strengthening capacity in HIV care, community nutrition, and research and knowledge management.

In January 2015, SHARE formally welcomed GLUK as a partner for our second phase (2015-2018). GLUK brought expertise in action research, capacity building within the community, and new methods of programme delivery.  As part of the SHARE consortium, GLUK primarily worked on designing and testing a food hygiene intervention model for caregivers in low-income settlements of Kisumu.

Here, Dr Jane Mumma, Director at the Tropical Institute for Community Health and Development, reflects upon GLUK’s exciting involvement in SHARE’s second phase (2015-2018).

Their projects

Safe Start

Building on findings from an Urban WASH Disparities study conducted in Kenya during Phase I, this study will design, implement andRead more


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