Sheillah Simiyu

Sheillah joined Stellenbosch University in 2013 to commence her SHARE-funded PhD on urban sanitation. An experienced evaluation specialist and researcher with over five years' experience in the public health, WASH and nutrition sectors, she also holds a Masters in Public Health and a degree in Environmental studies from Kenyatta University, Kenya. Prior to commencing her PhD, Sheillah was a lecturer in Kenyatta University’s Public Health Department, and had previously worked in various organisations including the African Medical Research Foundation, World Vision, Compassion International and Action Against Hunger.


Socio-economic Dynamics of Sanitation in Informal Settlements of Kisumu City, Kenya.


Kisumu city has, and still is, experiencing a high rate of urbanisation. This has led to various developmental challenges, including the proliferation of informal settlements. Sanitation conditions in these settlements are wanting and, unlike the past where focus was directed towards improving water supplies, attention now needs to be directed towards improving sanitation.

From a developmental perspective, this study uses quantitative and qualitative approaches to decipher the social, economic and management aspects of sanitation in the informal settlements.

Findings from this study will be of benefit to programme developers, policymakers, local organisations, and researchers as they will highlight alternative avenues of improving sanitation in Kisumu's informal settlements, and if applicable, in other settlements with similar characteristics.

PhD Student (2013-2016)


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